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Five Stars Movers had bad experiences with other digital marketing agencies in the past and had resorted to managing their ad campaigns themselves. They were mismanaging their spend & were sending traffic to ineffective landing pages. We built them a new high converting landing page, revamped their campaigns and they are now getting over 50% more ROI from their same marketing budget.

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Color Copy Center had not been marketing their business online, instead relying on foot traffic and word of mouth to drive their business. Since they already had a solid website and years of successful operations we developed a retargeting strategy for them. With minimal cost they immediately noticed the difference when repeat business shot up 30% in the first few weeks and overall business rose a sustained 20% as well.

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Sage Kitchen had been steadily growing for years until the Pandemic hit. As a New York City caterer whose main business was corporate lunches they had to change tactics and fast. We set up PPC campaigns to help them pivot from B2B to B2C taking advantage of the massive work from home crowd. Initially they weren't sure if they were going to make it but we're proud to say that they're not just surviving but thriving as well. 

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Always having a strong clientele Sutton Animal Hospital New York had never tried to do any type of digital marketing before. But with the ongoing overhead a Manhattan location provides they knew they needed to branch out. We set up PPC campaigns to bring in new business and a retargeting campaign so that those pet owners who had such great experiences on their first visits remembered where to come next time as well. The extra business has been a huge boost.

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